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My "story" . . .

Eons ago, (Berkeley, CA), vast amounts of time was devoted to designing and building numerous analog synth engines, spawning seemingly endless streams of mysterious sounds perpetually wafting through the local neighborhood in the predawn hours.

Quite a bit of this was recorded, on tape,  by myself along with other conspiring artists,  including Stewart Copeland, renowned for his brilliant work with the Police.   A vinyl record with some of these tracks was eventually produced.  Only a very few of these still exist, an obscure collector item, though interestingly, bootleg CD and vinyl copies of this have been showing up on eBay since then, go figure.

Over time, I osmosified into other band projects, including the Plague (a somewhat dubious name considering current times).


But then, as often happens, life  intervened (career, education, relationships, existence management, the usual types of things). 


Out there in the real world, I started out with 8 years at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab / UC Berkeley (and also Los Alamos), mostly focused on high energy physics, but this migrated into solid state physics, materials science and electronic devices.  

Following decades were immersed in the private sector, including a couple of years at Lucas Films.  But eventually, the materials science background led into emergent and applied nanotech and AI.  And no, I did not nor did anyone else ever work on creating Michael Crichton / "Prey" types of "nanites" (been asked about this so many times).

Now vast amounts of time (maybe too much time) can once again be devoted to mystifying the neighbors during the pre-dawn hours . . . creating content,  inventing presets and soundscapes with virtual synth engines and DAWs, mixed in with esoteric external audio effects hardware which no longer has to be  designed and hand built.

  Tracks and compositions being spawned from this incubator are currently featured on Spotify, Apple Music, Shazam, various  venues, with projects always gestating.

Many thanks beyond words to all those who have supported and listened to this perpetual passion proliferating into its myriad current and ever evolving forms.

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